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Lens Tinting

Tinted eyeglasses

Your optician in San Diego can help with the correct lens tinting for your needs. 

An optometrist is the one who determines your prescription. However, an optician is the one trained in customizing your eyeglass lenses. Part of the process of creating glasses for you entails a tinting process that allows you to have more options than just gray or brown tint. The process isn't as simple as merely applying a dye to your lenses.

About Lens Tinting Methods

Lenses aren't tinted the same, but one of the more common methods is a heat treatment. The tinting process depends on the material of the lenses. Plastic is a common material for glass lenses nowadays, but they're not always the most durable. A person may choose high-index lenses, polycarbonate, or Trivex lenses. Although polycarbonate is durable, you can also get Trivex which is lighter weight and much more durable. These lenses were originally used by helicopter windshields in the military.

All of these options require a heat-treatment process. The process can be tinted through a heat treatment applied to the specially formulated dye. The heat is nearly 200 degrees Fahrenheit and is applied after the lenses are submerged in a dye. The darkness of the color determines how long the lenses must be submerged. Any color is possible with this process, but most colors won't last as long as a traditional sunglass-shade dye.

About Possible Tint Colors For Your Glasses

There's a lot to consider when choosing the type of lenses you want as well as the shade and level of tint. Dr. Anderson can help you determine the ideal combination for your lifestyle. Below are a few of the color options offered to tint your glasses. 

Gray Lenses

Gray sunglasses are a popular tint. You may wear them on both sunny and cloudy days. They help your eyes combat fatigue and help reduce glare on wet surfaces.

Brown or Amber Lenses

You have the option of brown or amber lenses. They help with depth perception, so they're beneficial for driving, golfing, and any other activities that require depth perception. They're not as beneficial in low light or on cloudy days as gray lenses are. Amber or brown lenses enhance the contrast of colors.

Green Lenses

Green lenses are very similar to brown or gray lenses in terms of their benefits. They provide the wearer with better contrast than gray or brown lenses. They're ideal for both sunny and cloudy conditions and even in low-light environments. They reduce glare well. They're recommended if you cycle, ski, or participate in water sports.

Yellow Lenses

Yellow lenses are ideal for skiing and any other outdoor activities that glare is an issue. They're also beneficial for reducing eye strain caused by the light from computers or other electronics, making them ideal when playing games or working on the computer. This is beneficial because they filter out blue light. Additionally, they provide a high level of visual clarity compared to other lenses, even in low light, haze, and fog. Unfortunately, this color of lenses may cause color distortion.

Blue or Purple Lenses

Blue and purple lenses supply UV protection. The blue has a calming effect on your eyes. Additionally, the blue shade can improve color perception. These shades also reduce glare in the snow or during water sports. The color is ideal for haze and fog as well. They work well for people who are spectators of outdoor sports or who golf. It assists with you seeing contour better than other options.

Rose, Pink, or Red Lenses

Rose, pink, and red sunglasses are beneficial when your eyes are adjusting to contrast. They reduce glare, so they're ideal for people when they're skiing. They enhance your driving visibility well, especially since they improve your depth perception. They also assist with reducing eye strain, in particular, for people who use the computer or gaming system frequently because they block blue light.

To get your glasses tinted at Anderson Family Opticianry, give us a call today at 800-462-8749.

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